Troubleshooting Tips:

We offer Remote Support Sessions for System updates.

Internet monitoring through OVRC enabled products alerts us when Internet connection to your home fails and automatically will reboot your modem or router until Connection is restored. If no connection is restored, your comcast line may be disconnected or there is an outage in the area.

Before placing a service call:

1. For Fast Citrix Support, please schedule a time with us to setup a session. Please Follow this Link: Fast Support

2. Please make sure your comcast account is not on seasonal, and that your bill is paid in full.

3. Reset the power to the device having issues. Unplug power cord associated with device, or locate the breaker for the plugs in that room.

4.  Refer to any instructions provided during the install.

5. The most common issues with WIFI and internet outage is comcast related, Sometimes your modem router needs to be reset after a winter season of being dormant.