CUstom TV and Decor Builds

Recent Media Decor and Art Frame TV Projects.

All Designs are Custom built and Incorporate Professional Artists and Photographers.

Photo Credit: Monomoy Creek, Michael Gaillard

Photo Credit: Great Point Access, Daniel Sutherland

Photo Credit: Samsung Curated Art Collection, Falconer in the Field.


Hidding TV's and Speakers

Modern Design and Technology sometimes clash. We work closely with interior designers, Homeowners, and Builders to incorporate TV's and Speakers into any room or Landscape. The Result, a Conversation piece that is both usable and beatiful to look at.

Landscape Speaker Design has taken over the very common "Rock Speaker" installations. The result is a clean looking speaker that both sounds great and blends into any exterior.

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Media Decor 55inch TV Pictured Above.